Our Back-Office service allows companies to offload non-adding value duties to our professional team. In this way, our customers can focus in their core activities and make a progressive entry in the country. We can perform those specific tasks for our clients during their learning process or as long as they required.

Administration and accounting

We help our customers to handle with company’s administrative work as there are lots of bureaucratic processes still required in India. We can also maintain the company’s accounting, inclusive of invoicing, payables and receivables control and entry tallying.

We assure that company files all documents on time in order to avoid any demurrage and penalties.

Finance and taxation

We support filing of direct and indirect taxes as well any other levy or tax. We audit tax obligations compliance, in order to avoid the high penalty interest levied by the Indian Tax Authorities (generally a monthly 1%).

We manage the financial operations of the company, dealing with clients and suppliers and banks.

Corporate Law & Legal Compliances

Our legal department supports the company in the compliance of its legal obligations. Companies must be punctual in the fulfilment of any obligation or mandatory information related with corporate operations. Penalty for non-compliance can be really high.

Human Resources

Our HR team experience is highly valued for combining the western business culture and the Indian practices. Our HR department will stablish employment policies that will ensure a smooth and healthy relationship between the company and workers. It will also help companies to understand which are the local workers’ expectations from their professional relationship. We manage the HR department on a day-to-day basis, from payroll or social security obligations to leaves management.


Setting a subsidiary in India normally involves a significant number of consignments, both of equipment and components. Since production is delivered between the new Indian plant and the parent company, import and export operations are carried out regularly.

Logistics optimization, as well as proper customs clearance management will not only save costs but will also avoid stoppages and demurrages in port.