An adequate planification is the main pilar of any project development. India presents distinguishing factors that need to be taken into account in order to develop a proper strategy to access the market.
Our years of practical experience enables us to contribute with valuable knowledge for defining an efficient and effective strategy. A common mistake among companies is to think that a valid plan in one country will be applicable in India as well, but that is not the reality at all.

Financial Feasibility analysis

We like to take part in the development of a project since the beginning. Thanks to our previous experience, we are able to provide valuable inputs for the calculation of the costs and profitability of a project. There are both hidden costs and opportunities in the form of tax benefits or incentives that can be essential for the viability of a project. Likewise, there are some legal restrictions that must be taken into account.

Market strategy Development

Our experience in more than 100 projects give us a clear picture of the best strategies to effectively approach the Indian market. A correct strategic decision will mean time and money saving for a company.

Resources optimization

The goal of every economist should be the optimum management of scarce resources. Our job is making that possible. We understand that a project should be carried out using the least amount of resources available, including financial, as well as human and temporal resources. Our work is effective and efficient and we transfer this philosophy to every project.

Fiscal optimization analysis

India has gone through a huge fiscal reformation. The implantation of the new Good and Services Tax (GST) has replaced many indirect taxes, creating a single domestic indirect tax.

Nevertheless, there are many issues to consider in the fiscal field that may have a great impact in the profitability of a project or in profit repatriation.

A fiscal optimization analysis will allow to stablishing the correct policy of transfer prices, dividends, royalties.

Search for grants and support

Make in India is a national programme designed to transform India in the world’s factory. The plan has launched various politics to support the development of key sectors for the Indian economy as well as incentives for investment and the creation of employment. On the other hand, each State tries to attract foreign investment to their territory, for what they use statal incentives that facilitate the investment and eliminate fees, taxes and even granting projects.

On the other hand, Indian States try to attract foreign investment to their territory by launching their own incentives like fees and taxes exemption or grants.