Our broad experience in business development give us the knowledge and security required to support companies going through an internationalization process in India. Our mission is minimizing uncertainty and resources utilization, as well as offering solutions to avoid mistakes caused by lack of experience or knowledge.

Due to mobility restrictions caused by COVID, virtual events are replacing the traditional commercial activities like forums, trade fairs, meetings, etc. Indversis’ presence in India and Spain facilitates contact with Indian companies as well as national mobility to those locations where the Spanish firms cannot travel nowadays.

Markets analysis

Getting to know the Indian market is essential before addressing it. A proper market research and analysis provides us with the necessary information about a sector prior to the commercialization of a product or service. The scope of our investigation can address from a preliminary report to a comprehensive study.

Importers and distributors identification

Choosing a right method to access the Indian market can guarantee the success of a project in India. We help you finding the distribution channel that will assure the accomplishment of your objectives. The scope of the research may vary according to the needs of each company, from a list of importers/ distributors that the client wants to get in touch, to the selection of a potential importer, contact and approval of the interest of the Indian company in our client’s service or product.

Commercial agendas

A prior validation of your products’ or services’ fit into the market is crucial. The contact with potential clients, supplier, distributor or any key player in the sector will provide us a first customer impressions to validate previous hypothesis.

We develop individual meeting agendas with Indian companies to commercialize its products or finding alliances. A prior analysis of the objectives and value proposition of the company is made before the elaboration of an agenda.

Commercial representation and intermediation

We work as a representative office for those companies looking for continuous commercial representation in India. You will find all the advantages of a physical office and an experienced local team. This method enables the international expansion while minimizing infrastructure costs. The scope of the service will vary depending on the stage of the internationalization process in which the company is.