Indversis can proudly affirm that it is the Spanish consulting company that has led the largest number of businesses establishments in India during the last years. Large part of our team accounts with experience from the industrial sector and know well what settling a greenfield project means. Since the very beginning, we have helped a great number of companies to carry out their projects in India. From MSMEs to large corporations. Each of them is a challenge that catch all our interest, respect and dedication.

Company registration

Indian economy digitalization has resulted in a great improvement of the procedures required to register a new company. Time ago, it used to take upto six months to complete a cumbersome procedure with more than thirty steps. Nowadays a simplified process that can be carried out without requiring to travel to India. We help companies to choose the most suitable legal form and complete the entire registration process within three months

Staff training

The cultural differences between India and the occidental countries are huge. The process of adaptation can be complex and even a potential source of internal conflict. We provide training to the companies in order to reduce the cultural gap. Each department requires of specific expertise to familiarize themselves with Indian laws, procedures, culture, …

Licensing and permissions liasion

Industrial deployment in India requires of a large number of licences and permissions handled by different institutions. From the Import & Export Code (IEC), to the permissions related to factories like Fire Inspection Certificate, Factory License or Pollution Control Board, it can become a nightmare for a newcomer. We help our customers to avoid unnecessary resources such as time and money.


Any company needs to find the right team of qualified local employees to set a new project overseas. A proper recruitment process is essential to achieve the company objectives. Our Human Resources team has great experience in the selection of suitable staff for international companies.

Premises location

We work along with the best Indian real state agencies and the industrial promotion bodies of each state so as to find the best location, plot, factory or office where to establish our customer’s projects. Our presence in India enables us to visit the chosen places, to negotiate the best term and conditions or to evaluate the available features of the property.

Premises outfitting

We coordinate or supervise the adequation and equipment of the selected facilities whenever required. We aim to avoid to our customers any misunderstanding or unpleasant surprise during execution of those works, which may lead to delays or additional expenditures.