Indversis has been awarded with the representation of a large number of Trade Promotion Agencies from Spain and India. Indversis promotes events to enhance the knowledge of different markets, and the creation of new business linkages amongst the participating companies.

Business events / B2B meetings

Time is a very precious asset in modern life. A comprehensive market research in such an extensive country as India can become an exhausting and expensive task.

Indversis provides knowledge, databases, and resources to the Public Bodies so as to facilitate the understanding of the Indian market and the identification of its principal actors. This way, a prospective trip can be planned in a more efficient way.

Direct/ Inverse trade mission

Trade missions are highly recommended since they allow gathering multiple companies of the same sector or industry in a unique location.

Indversis has broad experience in the organization of joint delegations of Spanish companies to Indian Events as well as for Indian companies visiting Spain. We ensure the best organization of the event by providing personalized support to each participant.

Joint delegation participation in Trade Fairs

Joint participation in trade fairs can be a decisive step in the internationalization process of a company. Cost of participating in an event and time required for its planification requires large resources from a company. Outcome of participation should compensate such effort.

Indversis has headed a large number of delegations in different events. We organize from design and construction of stand to individual agendas for our customers.